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We are a coalition of Palace supporter groups who have come together to show our firm and collective backing behind the proposals to implement a central singing section in the Lower Holmesdale. We ask you to read and join the campaign to act now to save our atmosphere and take it to the next level

As laid out in the statement below we understand this involves a full, inclusive Holmesdale reshuffle to incorporate the singing section.
We the undersigned push for this to be done at the earliest opportunity.

Our atmosphere and unity is our lifeblood and we believe this is vital for the future of our club.
Our groups are made up of supporters of different ages and walks of life and we feel that now is the time to introduce this exciting change to push the club forward.
Even for those that don’t wish to be part of the section directly – we hope you are proud to back something we fully believe is for the benefit and progress of this great club.

At Wembley we all saw the world class support we are capable of with the right set up. We fully back this exciting vision of creating something
truly memorable at Selhurst – something for Palace fans to be a part of for generations to come.

Please read the statement below and wherever you sit at Selhurst, add your name, stand and block then click ‘send’ to back this brilliant vision.
We can then show the board that we will not sit back and let our support fade away.

Now or never, before we lose the atmosphere forever.



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